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*****Use at your own risk.  These GE chartlets are not a substitute for proper navigation.*****


                        >> Good fast internet is required to download these GE images<<<


The following links contain Google Earth images (chartlets.kap files) of French Polynesia.  You will need to have OpenCPN installed to be able to view them. They represent 100's of hours that I have spent creating these chartlets.  Some of the earlier images that I created have a small amount of GE text in them.   


There are some chartlets with clouds obscuring a portion of the area.  In many cases I have gone back thru the entire historical files for that location and picked off the best available.  




1.  If not already done so download and install OpenCPN


2.  Click  links below for the area of FP you want GE chartlets.  Download these charts onto your computer


3.  In OpenCPN click on the tool wrench / charts / chart files   and point to the location of the saved chartlets  on your computer


4.  Click "Force Full DB rebuild"


5. Now go back to the chart view and you should see blue tabs on the bottom of the screen representing GE images.  The tab in Yellow is the navigation chart.  By clicking on either on you can jump back and forth between GE images and the chart.


If you use OpenCPN and/or Sat2Chart (formally GE2KAP) programs please donate something to help defray costs:   

OpenCPN donate:

Sat2chart donate:



Sub Folder names & links








Additional Google Earth Images called "MBTiles" that cover all of French Polynesia were created by Bruce on Migration.  They have been made available for download and used in OpenCPN.


New MBTile charts are available covering French Polynesia by SV Migration. .   Can be used with OpenCPN

Charts based on Navionics, Google Satellite, and Bing Satellite are now available for all of French Polynesia, the Pitcairn Islands, and Rapa Nui.


Additional information is available including the exact size of each zip file -- this can help in case of download errors. The notes section gives more information about each file and the "HOW TO USE THESE FILES" section has been updated.


Big thank you to Bruce on SV Migration - buy them a beer!

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