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Other Good Stuff

• "You Gonna Eat That Fish?"  Info about Ciguatera
Fish with Ciguatera Risk in French Polynesia (2015)
French Polynesia
90 Day Visa in French Polynesia (v.10 - 2/2024)- what you need to know
• Obtaining a Long-stay (one year) visa for Fr. Polynesia (v.50 - 3/2024)
           • Applying for FP Long Stay Visa from Mexico - By svMigration,                                                        
 French Polynesia: Best Cruising Grounds - John Freeland, (Latitude 38, 3/2018)
 Tahiti Cyclone Season: Risks and RealityBy svPanache (11/ 2018)
Fishing in French Polynesia: By fellow cruiser Price Powell on svPanache 
Google Earth Images of French Polynesia (Used in OpenCPN chart program)
Weather Information for French Polynesia
Tahiti Cruisers Guide  - Covering all FP - Vendors and Services
Provisioning Costs in French Polynesia (2018) - (From Tahiti Yacht Charter)
Sample Food Availability Tuamotus 2022, Marquesas 2016
Chartering Info for French Polynesia  (v.2 2021) Suggestions/tips not                                             included by your charter company
Refilling Your Propane Tanks in French Polynesia
           SV Migration's Method of Filling Propane Tanks
• "Cruising in the Marquesas" - Latitude 38 Article, Feb. 2016
• “Pacific Puddle Jump Recap 2015” - Latitude 38 article, Sept. 2015
• FP Charter Sailing Instructions and Charts for the Leewards
French Polynesia Cruising Guides (Out of Print)
• "Nuku Hiva, Marquesas in 5 Days" by Eric Rigney SV Kandu
Shipping Items to French Polynesia (v.24- 8/2023)
• Importation of Pets into French Polynesia
Citizen Science: Manta Ray Reporting in French Polynesia 
• Floating Your Anchor Chain in Coral 
• Bus Info (#2) Papeete to Taina & Return (SV Hedonism - 9/2020)
• Options for Leaving your Yacht in French Polynesia (v. 3 - 2/2024)
Tips for Cruising French Polynesia - Down Under Rally Newsletter, Feb. 2022
Stop-Over Handbook for French Polynesia 2022-2023
Self-defense for Cruisers by Ryan Levinson, SV Kiapa Nui
Mexico/Central America/Ecuador
• Cruising Guide to the Revillagigedo Islands, Mexico
• Cruising Las Perlas Islands, Panama: Waypoints
• "Sailing Panama to Ecuador: A different route" - SSCA article
• Life raft servicing in Ecuador


Cruising Ideas and Tips
1: Linda's Provisioning Tips
2. Compendium of Things that have worked for us onboard
3: Never lose another towel on the line
4: Honda Generator - Oil Change
5: Ocean Current Information
6: Avoid Gooseneck Barnacles during the Puddle Jump
7: Internal Hatch Wind Scoop
8: Rain Louvers
9: Building a Hard Dodger
10: Fishing Tips: Sea of Cortez Summer 2011
11: Making Your own Magical Fishing Lures
12:  Sailmail: Sending out Group Emails 
13:  Electrical: 110v boats in 220v areas
14: Making a simple swim ladder
15: Best cruising awning
Design Matters
1:  Stenciled Companionway Steps
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